Phillip and Anne-Mari
Ensuring that your Finnish to English translation is both precise and reliable

CONCEPT TRANSLATE - precise and reliable translation -

When marketing and sales executives use advertisement, professional publications and web pages to communicate formally with their contacts, prospects and customers outside of Finland, they have to ensure that their written English is both precise and reliable. This becomes especially acute when everything has to be conceptualized and written in Finnish first and then translated into English, where the effect still has to influence the readers as if it was written originally by a native speaker of English.

Since there are two language and cultural systems involved in Finnish to English translation, to achieve the most precise and reliable results two language experts are needed:

  • a native speaker of Finnish, Anne-Mari, a professional Translator who understands the intentions of the author of the Finnish text and can translate it precisely into English

  • a native speaker of English, Phillip, a professional Salesperson and Reviser who understands the needs of the readers and can revise the resultant translation reliably into native English.

Driven by continuous market research, Concept Translate is a cooperative venture between Anne-Mari and Phillip that incorporates their mutual understanding of how Finnish to English translation can best benefit the needs of marketing and sales executives.

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Phillip Clifford

Phillip Clifford

Nine years before moving to Finland permanently in 1999 from Canada, I was a professional salesperson and English teacher and reviser. English teaching is the single most important procedure that perfects my revising proficiency, as the solutions to the grammar and semantic problems my students present lead me to a stronger and more vivid understanding of the language itself. Because of my long work experience in their fields, all of my key customers and students are marketing and sales executives.

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Anne-Mari Lehtola

Anne-Mari Lehtola

Working for two translation agencies helped me understand what it is that customers appreciate: flexible service, fluent language, accuracy and reliability. This suits me wonderfully, as I pay scrupulous attention to detail and take pride in providing top-quality translations. I believe that a good translation is not easily recognized as a translation. For me, translating is not merely about delivering a product; I see it as a comprehensive service aimed at meeting the customer´s needs.

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