Pirjo Kahilainen
Quote from Pirjo Kahilainen


Marketing and sales personnel, successfully managing their work in Finland, understand that their company´s competitive edge with their English speaking customers and colleagues depends solely on how well they communicate with them.

The aim of Conversant´s English communication training is to give marketing and sales personnel a set of communication tools by which they can successfully implement in all English language situations.

The impetus within this training will be to increase the self-confidence of the participants as they use English. It is assumed that the participants are already communicating in English with their English speaking customers and colleagues, and so the reason why they need English language training is that they feel the need to become more self-confident at it.

Tomi Tuominen
"With regard to English, for the past five years Phillip has been not only my teacher, but also my reviser and translator of documents, brochures and web pages. Everything he does is with a professional style and flare that suits my business interests perfectly."
Tomi Tuominen, Founder of t2 infosec