Kirsi Kallio, Chief Credit Controller at Algol Oy
Market and sell with influence and self-confidence

CONVERSANT - continuing your business success in English -

To sell successfully outside of Finland, marketing and sales executives must present and communicate in English with influence and self-confidence. In fact, their company´s competitive edge with their English speaking customers and colleagues depends solely on how well they communicate with them.

As well, marketing and sales executives need their written English to be both precise and reliable when they advertise and publish. This becomes especially acute when everything has to be conceptualized and written in Finnish first and then translated into English, where the effect still has to influence the readers as if it was written originally by a native speaker of English.

To help marketing and sales executives sell successfully in English with influence and self-confidence, Conversant has created two key communication foci:


Marketing and Sales Presentations

  • To create influence when presenting

English Communication

  • To create self-confidence when discussing


Concept Translate

  • Specialized in the terminology of marketing and sales for use in advertisement, professional publications, and web pages

Ohjelmistokehitykseen liittyvät käännökset

  • Olemme erikoistuneet pankki-, vakuutus- ja tietotekniikka-alan terminologiaan

"Influential and self-confident English communication is a necessity to market and sell successfully to your contacts, prospects, and customers outside of Finland."
Phillip Clifford

Phillip Clifford